The most legitimate way to get a FREE Tablet PC, even an HP TouchPad!

Step One: Create An Account

This is the first step to getting your freebie. Click the link below to sign up. Now choose an email address. If you are skeptical about entering your real email address use a different one. Next, type your information. They will need your addressname, and country you live in. You must use your real information because otherwise there is no way Transcendent Innovations can ship you your gift! Next, select account with referrals because getting referrals is much easier than competing offers yourself, which is what you would have to do by choosing the Points System...that takes too long so go with the Referral System

U.S and Canadian Residents Only: Click Here

Step 2: Complete An Offer

Now it is time to complete an advertisers offer. People feel that this is the hardest step but it really is easy. I will be your guide because this is the most important step in getting your free gift! You must complete this step in order to get your gift! If you do not complete this step you will not get your free gift.

You must use your credit card to complete this step. Remember you only need to complete ONE offer after you do that then it is time to begin referring people! Don't be scared to use your credit card to complete an offer. I have completed over 25 offers and have never been scammed! Including the ones pictured below. Complete an offer you are most interested in. Pictured below are many legit companies that you can complete an offer for. I bet you all have heard of DirecTV or maybe Blockbuster Online, and Gamefly?!

Step 3: Tell some friends (referring people)

You are now on your final step to achieving your free gift! You need to get a referral. Meaning you must get a person to complete an offer for you, just like you completed an offer yourself. Depending on what gift you chose will determine how many people you need to complete one offer for you. Copy and paste your referral link found on the progress page. (Picture shown below)

Step 4: Receiving Your Gift

Finally, all that hard work paid off and now it is time to receive your gift (which will take about 7-10 days). Post a picture of your gift and leave me a comment so I can congratulate you! 

Still skeptical? Head over to our Proof page. I'm 100% sure you will like what you see.

Proof Page


  1. Well this is legit, I myself have gotten stuff from Transcendent Innovations a.k.a TraInn (search via Google). They are a great company and give free stuff away daily!

  2. I'm trying this now. I just emailed you I need some help!